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Araceli Mendoza-Rivera

Araceli Mendoza-Rivera, Contributor

My name is Araceli Mendoza-Rivera, I am a Contributor to this site and a student in Journalism here in SMHS.

I am a Freshman here at SMHS. I will try my best to get this website more and more known here at SMHS.

I personally like to dance just for fun and to get my body moving when I don't want to. I also love to paint when I have some free time. My favorite color is yellow :) and I also like to listen to K-pop right now. My ULT group is TXT.

I have two parakeets and their names are Kandy and Bananas. Kandy is a light blue color and Bananas is a yellow bird, hence the name, "Bananas." I live at home with my siblings and parents and we take COVID seriously. We all try to restrict going out most of the time. I hope that COVID will soon end and everything would go back to "normal," but for now we have to enjoy what we have right now.


Content by Araceli Mendoza-Rivera