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  • March 30Hey Saints, did you know that you can pre-register to vote at the age of 16? Close up Washington and League of Women voters can help you get registered at our booth at the spring fair this Friday.
  • March 30Our annual Spring Fair is this Friday! Lots of booths selling drinks and treats. Come to the practice field to check it out during lunch.
  • March 28Girls wrestling freestyle practices Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 4p.m weights followed by practice.
  • March 27Seniors, check your school emails about graduation information!
  • March 27Seniors!! There are 3 scholarships due next Friday March 31. Please plan to come to College Lab Hours in the library from 2pm to 4pm on Monday 3/27. We want to help get free money for college!
  • March 24Las Comadres y Compadres club we will have a meeting this Friday during lunch time in Room 235.
  • March 23The ASVAB make up test will take place on Tuesday April 4 starting at 8:30am. Sign up with Mrs. Acosta in the Career Center in the library.
  • March 20The OTCR Lab is open for testing daily before school in the MMLC with Mrs. Carrillo, and after school in Room 653 with Mr. Simonson.

The Breeze

The Breeze

Araceli Mendoza-Rivera

Araceli Mendoza-Rivera, Contributor

My name is Araceli Mendoza-Rivera, I am a Contributor to this site and a student in Journalism here in SMHS.

I am a Freshman here at SMHS. I will try my best to get this website more and more known here at SMHS.

I personally like to dance just for fun and to get my body moving when I don't want to. I also love to paint when I have some free time. My favorite color is yellow :) and I also like to listen to K-pop right now. My ULT group is TXT.

I have two parakeets and their names are Kandy and Bananas. Kandy is a light blue color and Bananas is a yellow bird, hence the name, "Bananas." I live at home with my siblings and parents and we take COVID seriously. We all try to restrict going out most of the time. I hope that COVID will soon end and everything would go back to "normal," but for now we have to enjoy what we have right now.


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