Review on Disney’s Original Movie, Encanto


Encanto, the 60th originally animated Disney film, was released November 24, 2021 in theatres, and was released on Disney Plus on December 24, 2021. There was a lot of support for the movie and the movie was loved by many people. This movie centers around a magical family where everyone has a special ability. Well, maybe not everyone. Mirabel, the main character, did not inherit a special ability or a miracle (that is what the family calls it).

Encanto follows Mirabel and how she is trying to save her family because the miracle is dying out, but Abuela (the grandma) blames Mirabel for the miracle dying because she was the only one who didn’t inherit a special ability, which made the miracle weaker. Throughout this movie we see Mirabel make her best efforts to try and save the miracle by any means possible even reunite with the past to get answers.

In my opinion Mirabel pressured herself to be as helpful as she could, even if other people think that she is just getting in the way.

The movie also has an original soundtrack. The movie starts with “The Family Madrigal,” then continues on to “Waiting on a Miracle,” “Surface Pressure,” “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “What Else Can I Do,” and “Dos Orugitas.”  Although there are many more, these song are the “main” songs of the movie. My favorite song out of these six songs would be “Waiting on a Miracle” because, the song talks about Mirabel’s insecurities being the only one without a special ability in the family. My other favorite song would be “Dos Orugitas” (Two Caterpillars) because, the song talks about two caterpillars being in love and being inseparable despite all of their hardships.

Overall the movie is good and even got me crying at some points.