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Ms. Yamamoto

Ms. Yamamoto is a new teacher here at SMHS We asked here these questions and her answers are as follow:

  1.  Ms. Yamamoto has taught at many schools because she has subbed at different schools mostly in Santa Paula. She went to college at Cal Poly for her undergrad where she studied animal science and went back to Cal Poly for her Masters Degree. She also studied abroad in New Zealand and Brazil and she is not an alumnus of SMHS. She went to school at Santa Paula High School.
  2.   Ms. Yamamoto’s original major was Animal Science. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with animal science so she went towards the pre-veterinarian path but decided that she really liked teaching students and she loved the AG(Agriculture) program.
  3. For fun Ms. Yamamoto likes to do anything outside like hiking, playing tennis, surfing, and she also enjoys going to the beach.
  4.   Ms. Yamamoto said that going through quarantine was tough so she had to make sure she went outside to make sure she wasn’t close to the computers because all day. Her teaching was in front of a computer and she went on walks around her neighborhood or on the beach and she would also keep in contact with other people like friends and family when she could.
  5. Ms. Yamamoto stated that she would be a kiwi because when she was younger she would make jokes that she was a kiwi for a good laugh.
  6. Ms. Yamamoto’s family is pretty small but they are very close and she is also able to visit her parents very often.
  7. Ms. Yamamoto has loved her time at SMHS; as a matter of fact, she also student taught here at SMHS to get her teaching credential.
  8. Ms. Yamamoto thinks that her communication is better than it was last year due to online school and she thinks that students are able to connect better than last year.
  9. Ms. Yamamoto’s  piece of advice for people who are planning for college is, ” I would say try to visit as many campuses as you can,” and then continued to say, “take a chance! Go visit collages and I would say you kind of know when you visit collages.”
  10. Ms. Yamamoto’s piece of life advice would be “Always look forward” and “Always keep an open mind and allow your self to keep growing.”

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