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Introducing Ms. Carrillo

Get to know Ms. Carrillo

Ms. Carrillo, a new teacher here at SMHS, has been asked a few questions and her answers are as follows:

  1. Ms. Carrillo has taught at Pioneer Valley, Righetti, and Delta. Ms. Carrillo is an alumnus of SMHS; she went here for all four years and graduated back in 2011.
  2. Ms. Carrillo has studied both Spanish Language and Literature and also Sociology. Ms. Carrillo has known that she wanted to be a teacher since she was young.
  3. To handle quarantine Ms. Carrillo started to work out and even built a mini gym in her living room and she would paint for fun too.
  4. If Ms. Carrillo was a fruit she would choose to be an avocado because they are native to Mexico, just like herself.
  5. Ms. Carrillo has enjoyed her time here at SMHS and she finds it interesting to have her former teachers as colleagues now.
  6. Ms. Carrillo has traveled to Mexico, Spain, England, Morocco, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Cuba, and Portugal. Ms. Carrillo would say that her favorite place to visit is her hometown, Quiroga, in Mexico, and Madrid.
  7. If Ms. Carrillo wasn’t a teacher, she would want to be a travel agent and help other people organize their trips.
  8. Ms. Carrillo’s piece of advice for students who are planning to go to college is, “work hard and be involved, but make sure that you take care of yourself and do things you enjoy as well. Apply to all the scholarships you can and remember that you have a whole team of people rooting for you.”
  9. Ms. Carrillo’s piece of life advice would be, “Be kind; be the cloud in someone else’s rainbow.”

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