Turning Red: A Coming of Age Story That Shows the


Disney’s new animation movie, Turning Red follows a quirky 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian Meilin Lee. In Turning Red Mei learns that her ancestors have a “mystical connection” with Red Pandas and once she comes of age she gains a small “inconvenience:” the women of her family can change into actual red pandas.  In Turning Red, to activate the panda, Mei will have to feel strong emotions but she soon learns how to control her emotions.

Mei is almost your typical teenager; she gets A’s, joins activities with her friends, and helps around at home. Mei first doesn’t like what she inherited and tries to hide it as best she can but then has a slip-up and learns that people don’t think its weird and scary; people actually find it cool. Mei learns that her favorite band, 4-Town, is having a concert so she uses the panda to her advantage to raise money for tickets for her and her friends to be able to go.

While making money Mei soon learns that if she turns into a panda too many times then she wont be able to get “rid” of the panda and at this point she isn’t really fond of this bump into her life. As the movie continues, we see Mei learn that she likes this part of her and she doesn’t want to let go of this newly-found side, so she decides not to.

At this point we see that Mei and her friends have enough money but a small step back happens so Mei believes she wont make it to the concert. When she was about to enjoy the concert a “small” inconvenience happens and almost ruins it for her but then everyone,  including her friends, her relatives, and even the band help her overcome this “small” inconvenience. After this we see Mei with her family and friends and how its different then how we saw in the beginning.

Overall I love how this movie had representation and talked about other problems people have growing up.