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  • December 8If you are interested in track and field, join us at a meeting on Tues 12/12 in the Wilson gym @ lunch time
  • December 8AG Fact Friday: Some reindeer have red vessels in their noses, which turns their nose red like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!
  • December 8Saints band will be holding their first concert of the year today @6:30pm at Ethel Pope! Tickets are $5 each
  • December 8Go buy food and other cool things at the Winter fair today!
  • December 5Come to the last FBLA meeting of the year Dec. 7 @ lunch in Room 230
  • December 5The December theme at the Wellness Center is "Coping Skills." Join us during lunch for the workshop on Wednesday 12/6
  • December 4Congrats to Saints boys varsity basketball team for their win over PV on Saturday 80-50
  • December 4Interested in swimming? Join girls and boys swimming during lunch on 12/6 in room 134. No experience necessary!
  • December 4Las Comadres y Compadres Club will be hosting a sock drive in the following drop off locations: room 230, room 232, admin front office, and admin east wing
  • December 4Attention Migrant Education Program students: Want to learn how to communicate with confidence? Join us during lunch12/5 room 202

The Breeze

The Breeze

Alondra Cruz

Alondra Cruz, Contributer

Hey, my name is Alondra Cruz, and I am a Senior. I'm 17 years old and my birthday is in December.

This is my first year taking journalism. I'm pretty good with writing so I'm hoping to write some good things. I've never been a person to speak up or willingly want to speak to others so I'm hoping that I can get out of my comfort zone for this class. I am part of the 2024 student council this year. I've been part of it since the middle of last school year.

Outside of school I am a very sporadic person with people I'm comfortable with. I'm not a very open person when it comes to meeting new people, but I always try and be a person others feel comfortable talking with. I am the youngest in my family. I only have one sibling and he is older than me. I'm a very introverted person and my biggest company at home are my two guinea pigs. They are both girls one named Remi and the other being Bean. One was given to me, and I bought the other one. Taking care of them has become a daily thing for me.

I recently started painting so it's begun to be a hobby of mine. I personally find peace and calmness in painting with different colors. I'm a big fan of dark colors more than I am to light colors. Another hobby I have is that I like collecting small figures of shows I've watched or am watching. Along with that I collect many plushies and blankets. I love having many blankets big or small because it's something that makes me feel very safe and it just makes my room look very comfortable. Lastly, I recently started going to the gym with my brother and it's been a pretty good thing. I hope I can continue these hobbies while school begins to get more difficult with applying to colleges and stuff.

For my future I do plan on going to college and getting my bachelorettes in criminal justice and minor in psychology. I would double major but I kind of don't trust myself in being able to handle it. Mainly it's just a thought for now.

That's a little bit about me if you were interested :)

Content by Alondra Cruz
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