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  • September 20Reminder: NO backpacks or outside food allowed at football games and NO in and out entry!
  • September 20Voting for the new Wellness center's name has been extended to Friday (9/22)
  • September 18The Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be meeting every Tuesday in room 352 (9/19)
  • September 13September is Suicide Prevention Month Come Visit During Lunch at the Wellness Center Court Today

The Breeze

The Breeze

Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia, Contributor

My name is Rodrigo Garcia. This will be my first and final year as a Breeze Contributor as I am now a senior. If I would've known about the Journalism class earlier, I definitely would've joined.

As I mentioned already, I'm a senior, Class of 2024. Some goals that I have while working on the Breeze is to hopefully release more podcast episodes, get even more articles published than before, and hopefully start doing some video production. I've always been pretty decent with handling video production so once we hopefully start to do videos, I could be a helping hand with it.

Some stuff I like to do in my free time is draw. I usually prefer to draw digitally on my computer. Traditional drawing, not so much. I don't mind it, but I usually sketch when it comes to traditional drawing. But in all honesty, I love all things art. I even try to read books to understand the past history of art. I also love to play video games. I've been playing video games for most of my time being alive. I don't play very often because of school and other stuff I prioritize but I still try my best to make time to play a game whether if it's by myself or with my sister, it's all fine with me.

I like to do voice acting/voice impressions. As someone who's been watching TV for years there's no doubt that the interest of mimicking voices was something I liked. I'm pretty good with doing voices from cartoons from the 60's to early 2000's. If you know some kind of show, chances are I might have a voice impression for that. I also love to go on walks. I'm not the sporty type of person but I always appreciate a nice walk, especially in the afternoons. I try to take long walks with my dog, but he gets easily distracted by the slightest noise or thing so he's all over the place, making it pretty annoying even to just walk to the other side of the area.

I really hope we get a lot of work done this year to keep the staff and students informed of all types of media. As well as getting creative not only here on The Breeze, but on campus as well.

Content by Rodrigo Garcia

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