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2020: The Unfortunate Year

  March 13, 2020. A date no one will forget. A date that has now marked history. A new point of view towards the world. A year of so much damage. Who could’ve known that March 13 of this year would’ve been the last day of schoolon campus for the foreseeable future? The last day theme parks were open? The last day movie theaters were open? The list goes on.  Welcome to the year 2020, where …

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Fernanda Gonzalez

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    Food Service In Our Community
    This year has been a crazy year with so many changes occurring all around the world because of the pandemic. Covid-19 ha
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    ♡ Leslee Quintanar ♡
      Hai! ☆ My name is Leslee, I am a 17 year old senior at Santa Maria High School! At last my final year. I do wan
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    Celeste Segura
    Hi my name celeste segura,  I’m 18 years old and a senior at Santa Maria high school. This is my first year takin
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    Isaac Vazquez
    Hi, my name is Isaac Vazquez, I am a senior at Santa Maria High School. I was born on September, 10 2003. I live with bo
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    DACA and What it Means to YOU.
    Do you know someone that has been affected by DACA? Or are you one of those students? Have you asked yourself what that
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    What’s Good? A World-Wide School Lunch Comparison
    Cafeteria Food Across the World   From plain to exotic, foods across the world range in different shapes, sizes, ta

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    2020: The Unfortunate Year
      March 13, 2020. A date no one will forget. A date that has now marked history. A new point of view towards the world
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    Student Activism – What Youth Don’t Understand
    In recent student activism in high schools from coast to coast in the US, students showed their solidarity under the cry
  • Designing the Future
    It’s no secret that throughout the history of mankind, people have always thrived on the spirit of competition. It
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    Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
    Picture yourself as a teenager in Santa Maria High School, your country is in the midst of the second world war, and you
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    One Small Step For Engineering
    If you are a student with a mind that is looking to fill its hunger for knowledge and learning, or if you don’t kn
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    Lockdown Drill
    On Tuesday, September 5, Santa Maria High School held a lock down drill as part of the ALICE training protocol. Teachers

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