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One Small Step For Engineering

If you are a student with a mind that is looking to fill its hunger for knowledge and learning, or if you don't know what career you want to pursue in, then look no further than room 514's newly created STEM Lab. The STEM Lab showcases elements such as science, technology, engineering, and math to young minds, which is very crucial in a world that is technologically advancing. Students work in mod…

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Eliseo Merida


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    Nayeli Vasquez
    So my name is Nayeli, I’m a senior this year. The meaning of my name is “I love you”. This year it my first year i
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    Brittany Colin
    Hi! My name is Brittany Colin, I am a Junior at Santa Maria High. This is my first year in Journalism. I choose this cla
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    Austin Peinado
    Hey, everyone! My name is Austin Peinado. I’m currently a senior at SMHS. This is my first year in yearbook and I&
  • Bulletin for Tuesday, August 28, 2018 (Spanish)
    Anuncios para martes, 28 de agosto, 2018 GENERAL Atención estudiantes. ¡Nuestro anuario ya está a la venta! Puedes re
  • A Healthier Student Body With the Help of Project Teen Health
    Project Teen Health is an on-campus club that provides workouts and nutritional coaching to Santa Maria students. In 201
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    A Day Without Immigrants
    “A Day without Immigrants” occurred on February 16, 2017 where immigrants, or other people who joined to su

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