School Spirit Week


Evelyn Lavariega

This was one of the pictures taken on Pajama Day.

This school year’s spirit week began on September 20th and ended on September 24th. During this week, students got to participate and do an activity that was up for that day. For example, on Monday September 20th it was Pajama Day and students got to wear their pajamas to school. Students who participated in spirit week had a chance of winning prizes if they scanned a QR code during lunch. The winners were announced on Tuesday, September 28.

Adrian Salazar, who is the ASB director, said that Spirit weeks are always linked to an event, and this last spirit week was hosted by the Sports Committee. Salazar also stated, “the week the SMHS football team competes against PVHS, we have a spirit week. The Sports Committee tries to bring some fun to the school and finish it off with a Red/White Friday encouraging all to attend the football game.”

Spirit Week was created so students can have fun while learning and to raise school spirit amongst the students. It is a great way for them to get involved with school activities. Staff and students can participate in the theme days and share their thoughts with each other, plus celebrate together. A lot of students participate in Spirit week every year and we hope that it will continue this way.