Lunch Lines-Are they worse or better?


Cristina Ramirez

Students wait to grab their lunch from the school cafeteria. There are many places kids can get their food from around campus, helping to alleviate the long lines.

Cristina Ramirez

Now that students are coming back on campus, some students have been concern about the lunch lines. Some of the students on campus are saying that the lines are worse this year and other students are saying that the lines are better this year.

Some students are complaining about the lunch lines, saying they have waited longer this year than in previous years, while other students are saying that they are shorter than the years before.

One of the seniors interviewed said that “…the lines are too long because these new students that came in and I think that they should add new stands.” Two freshmen were also saying that the lunch lines are too long. A freshman stated that the lines are so long that she ends up cutting in line. They all waited for 10-30 mins to get lunch on the day I spoke to them.

A sophomore student said the opposite, saying that, “the lunch lines were all right.” Some students on the campus don’t wait very long at the lunch lines because they are able to be the first ones in line at the food carts. Some students wait about 1-10 mins for the lunch lines.