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The Breeze

The Breeze

New Building On Campus: Crowding/Congestion

Student traffic congested in certain areas.
Nathan Ochoa
After class, the entrance/exit becomes busy.

With the recent opening of the new 100s building and the sheer number of classrooms that are in it, we can expect student traffic to be abnormally high. I am sure that you have seen firsthand how busy the stairs and main entrance are. With students rushing to their next classes, these pathways to our classes have become congested, almost dangerous.

Firstly, the staircase next to the main entrance. These become very busy, especially at the beginning of the passing periods. This leads to crowding, pushing, and general discomfort for anyone who must take the stairs.

Secondly, the staircase inside of the main block of the new 100s. Students from all three floors usually converge to this staircase, leading to the issues said above, but on a larger scale.

Lastly, the main entrance/exit to the new 100s. The doors essentially function as a bottleneck, forcing only two or three students through each door at once. The doors make sense, putting a large archway would lead to the outside forces getting in, but the doors could be larger to not be as much of a bottleneck. This would allow for swift entrance and exit.

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My tip for those who want the most streamlined experience, take the two main stairs to go up to your classes, then take the outer stairs down. Since the outer stairs connect to exit-only doors, there is a high chance that nobody will be trying to go up these stairs.

The new building is, in my opinion, very nice. It might just be the first year it is in use, but the building feels clean and new. The classes feel nice, and the new air conditioning units aren’t anything to complain about either. My only gripe in this new building is the entrances and exits to it.

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About the Contributor
Nathan Ochoa, Contributor
Hello, my name is Nathan Ochoa, and I am a senior attending SMHS (surprise). I was born here in Santa Maria on December 11, 2005 and have lived here my entire life. My brother, who some may know, attends UCLA as of now. My plan for the future is to attend AHC and possibly move on to another college. I want to major in either engineering or photography. In my free time, I enjoy sleeping, reading, and gaming. I sleep at a 'less than reasonable' time, but who doesn't now, right? My favorite book would be The Martian, by Andy Weir, where astronaut Mark Watney is accidently left behind on Mars because his crew thought he had died. My favorite games are Ultrakill and Hollow Knight, to name a few, as there are too many to name. I love to travel, and have been to many major cities in the United States. I have been to Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, and Honolulu in that order. My favorite being Chicago for many reasons. I am going to Japan with Mrs. Van D on spring break of 2024. It will be my first time out of the country, and what makes it scary is the fact that I am going without my parents or family, just my teacher and some friends. I was not entirely sure what I wanted to do this year, as I only have two required classes. I chose to do journalism because I know Mrs. Van D and I always wanted to improve my writing. Writing for this site has always been a want for me, and now I finally can. I hope to improve the Breeze as much as I can, and I cannot wait to see what happens. I am excited to be a contributor this year.

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