Everything Everywhere All at Once–Movie Review

A critically acclaimed movie that is up for many awards, but is it worth all the hype?


With the 95th Annual Academy Awards coming up this Sunday (as of this writing) there are many awards to be given out during this event such as the best leading actress in a film, best directing, best costume design, and of course best film. So, bringing me back to the point today I have the pleasure of reviewing the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that has the most nominations out of any movie this year with a total of 11 nominations, and with the amount of praise and critical acclaim that this movie has gotten, is it really worth all the hype?

With a little background information Everything Everywhere All at Once is a film with a duration of about 2 hours and 19 minutes with a release date of March 25th of 2022 and it is currently available to watch on Paramount+ with the addition of SHOWTIME (that’s how I watched it). It stars Michelle Yeoh who was nominated for best leading actress, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan who was nominated for best actor in supporting role and many greater talented actors who were also nominated. The film however is a Rated R film so keep that in mind if wanting to watch with family or siblings.

Now the movie follows Evelyn Wang, a Chinese American immigrant laundry mat owner who struggles with her daily life of constant stress and dealing with her husband Waymond Wang, a sweet but very dumb person, as well as her daughter Joy Wang, a rebellious and very upfront daughter who happens to be a lesbian which as we get into the movie is a no for her mother but that’s for you to watch the movie and find out. The story centers around Evelyn and how she feels like her life has been a failure and subsequently hates it and as we come to find out she is in danger from a threat from a different universe. Multiverse is a huge part of this movie as we see Evelyn switches from many different versions of herself stretching from multiple universes in where she ended up on a different path in life where she can be a fighter, movie star, or plain old cook and to do this she utilizes the “verse jump” which is huge factor in this movie though the villain may be someone you never expect to be.

The movie visually is a very appealing movie with the cinematography being very crisp and clean, the moments and jokes are very funny and sad at times, and the emotion is there that really gets you invested into this film. The plot is very good and even though it may feel like you may be lost at times you easily will pick up what is happening. The actors are amazing as they really went all out for this film.

Overall, this is a great movie with very little to no flaws, as a person who barley watches movies simply because I don’t feel like there is anything too interesting out at the moment, this movie definitely was one of the best movies I have seen in quite a bit. If you’re interested in these types of movies with different universes and stuff like that, then this movie is a fantastic movie worth checking out. If not and just looking for a good action movie with an amazing story than I definitely recommend checking this one out. Overall Score 10/10.