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  • January 30The OTCR Lab is open before school in the MMLC, 7:10 - 8:10 am with Mrs. Carrillo and after school in Room 653, 3:00 - 5:00 pm with Mr. Simonson. All Tests must be taken in the Lab with an OTCR Teacher.
  • January 30Sammy's corner is having a vintage sale this Friday, February 3 during lunch! Clothing from 2013 or older will be available! T-shirts are 2 for $5 or $3 each and Sweatshirts are $10!
  • January 23Valentine's Day Grams will be sold by the Class of 2024 from February 6th - 10th during lunch!
  • January 23Sadie Hawkins Dance is around the corner! Join us on February 11th in the Wilson Gym at 7pm! Tickets are $15 and on sale now.
  • January 23Class of 2023 senior shirts are available!! Stop by Sammy's corner, Room 230, or Room 235 to pick your order form. This is your last week to order!
  • January 23Seniors! Gradnite Tickets go on sale now! Pick up the Gradnite Agreement at the Business Office. Only 3 busses will go.
  • November 8The Teen's closet is located behind the small gym and is open every Tuesday.
  • October 26GSA Club meets EVERY WEDNESDAY in room 634! Come and join us! We’ll be planning out ways to create a more LGBTQ+ inclusive campus! New members are always welcome!

The Breeze

The Breeze

Freddy Salmeron

Freddy Salmeron, Contributor

My Name is Freddy Salmeron and this school year I will be working on The Breeze as one of the Contributors.

I am currently a Junior here at Santa Maria High School and next year I will be on to my final year of high school as a senior. My goal for this year here for The Breeze is to get this page more articles than it had last year, as well as increase visits for the days, weeks, and months coming up (essentially get it more exposure) from the school and school staff alike.

A few things about myself outside of my goals for The Breeze: in my free time I really enjoy reading often as I personally get attracted to really good stories. I'm also bit of an anxious person and a bit of an over thinker as a I tend to often stress about the littlest things; I'm a really heavy sleeper as I often on weekends tend to sleep very long hours, contrary to that I enjoy running and skateboarding on occasions as it brings me enjoyment, and as well as that I love being home just resting and basically being lazy as well as meditating as that really combats my stress.

With that said I really do hope we can get The Breeze more exposure this school year more than last year as well as hopefully add more stories and update consistently.

Content by Freddy Salmeron
Thirteen Lives-The Movie

Thirteen Lives-The Movie

September 29, 2022
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