Episode 1: Special Guest Podcast

On our first podcast called “Shootin’ The Breeze,” we had the opportunity to meet a staff member with a unique lifestyle.


As we said before, we invited a special guest to our first podcast, called, “Shootin’ the Breeze.”

Thankfully a teacher did the honors to be our first guest on this podcast. As we progressed we learned a lot of what we didn’t know about our guest. You’re probably quick to pass off a teacher as just an ordinary adult, who just works every day and has no life other than work. You are quite wrong about that, you’d be surprised at how many teachers actually have other passions, which is why we invited Mr.Orlick.

We recently found out that he plays in a band and is a teacher, which is pretty sick, can you imagine having two careers?

We were intrigued so we invited him to our first episode to get to know Mr.Orlick himself and his amazing teaching skills and talent for music. It’s no surprise he joined a band early on but, it mostly started off as a group of teenagers hanging out and having fun with instruments then it transitioned into a music band. The way they got their name “Beach Technique” wasn’t intentional it was actually a misunderstanding, but then they sticked to it.

How is the band in the present moment? Are they still in contact? Curious about Beach technique? Come and check out this link of our podcast called, “Shootin’ the Breeze,” on Spotify. You can find the link —> here.

Check out their band called, “Beach Technique,” in spotify and their instagram —->  here.

And their recent new album called, “Bluebelly!!!!