Meet Maziar Moridan (Mr.Maz)

We got to interview another teacher from our school campus

Meet Maziar Moridan (Mr.Maz)

Aida Perez, Contributor

When I met Mr.Maz I thought he would be pretty chill, and I was indeed correct. I entered the room, and jazz music was playing in the background. It made me feel relaxed like I was welcomed in there.

He likes to provide a chill atmosphere for his class, so they can feel comfortable.

This is his first year teaching at Santa Maria High School but in total teaching, it would be 4 years. So 3 years at Liberty and his first year here at Santa Maria Highschool!

I started with the usual warm-up question, “Out of all the colors out there what defines you best?”

He said, “I would say warm colors, I wouldn’t narrow it down to an exact color. Um-warm colors only because I enjoy being in comfortable environments, in trying to create the same type of environment for my students.”

And he’s correct you have to create a comfortable place.

This is his second profession since he did a career change a few years after college. He worked 11 years in Corporate Retail at the headquarters of Petco animal supplies at San Diego. He was Doing project management visual inventory, but it wasn’t that meaningful of a career for him.

He always thought of teaching before, but then they moved around 2017 in the coast side, he tried looking for another corporate job but then his wife reminded him about becoming a teacher.

And Cal Poly had a master’s program in special education, a one-year accelerated program. He got into teaching primarily since he wanted to do something meaningful, eventually when he retires in 25 years.

Well, he teaches a life school course, freshman, through senior so he has a mix of students of those grades. They focus on social skills and self-determination. Empowering their skills, in life.

He also has a personal connection with special education since he has a nephew who happens to have autism. He’s been there with his nephew since his nephew was 3 years old.

I asked him, “What’s it like being a teacher?”

And he said, “When you become a new teacher, you can learn as much as possible in school. And I give tons of credits to Cal Poly, Special Education program because they did prepare me well. But being there on your own, you have to really lean on the people that are that have a little bit more experience. But none of the less you feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to be able to manage the students, you know right away on day one. And that’s tough.”

I mean damn, I just actually imagined being a new teacher, and it sounds scary. I personally give respect to the teachers, like damn you a pro in teaching students.

I asked him, “What’s something you wish you knew before you became a teacher?”

And he said something that surprised him was that there was a persistent feeling that he could always be doing more. He said there was kind of lots of feelings that made him think he wasn’t doing enough.

He said, “Something I wish I knew, was that there’s always gonna be that sense of always needing to do more whether or not that’s true, I don’t think it would’ve dissuaded me from becoming a teacher. But it would’ve have prepared me more in being a teacher. “

But at the end of the day we all at one point in our life say, “Have I done enough, is this enough was it enough?” The truth is it’ll never be enough, so don’t rush things. Take your time and have plans.

A message from him about career paths

” A lot of times were focus on the milstones that are setup by the school system from graduating from highschol, then going to college and graduating from college, and getting a job. And it doesn’t neccessary need to follow that path. It doesn’t go that quickly for some of us.”

Mr.Maz did 4 years of the marines after high school, he wasn’t ready for college, but after his time at the marines, he did about a 7-year college tour before he graduated. As he said he worked retail jobs and after college.

I’m sure you needed to hear that, being a teenager not knowing what to do, and getting ready to go to college, oof sounds scary to me. At least we got to hear some advice, I wanted to say thanks to Mr.Maz for letting me interview him. Let’s keep posting more articles!

“It’s a long life so enjoy it, and take your time. And have a plan.” said Mr.Maz