Meet The New Counselor Fatima Gonzalez


Fatima Gonzalez is the new counselor on campus this year, currently working with 11 Graders, last names beginning with M-Z.

When I sat down and had a one-on-one conversation with Mrs. Gonzalez, I learned so many great things about her and the plans she wants to accomplish with students this year.

I asked her what she wanted to achieve with the students this year and she mentioned that she wants to get to know every single one of the students before senior year, to create a trusting bond between each other.

She knows how difficult it can be to open up to someone you never really talked to. She doesn’t want to be strangers.

Her biggest piece of advice for students would be to ask for help. Its becoming a thing now that students aren’t asking for help.

Mrs. Gonzalez also mentioned stress and how students are suffering in silence; she wants students to not be afraid to ask for help.

She loves coming to work, it’s a tough job but she loves that every day is different, a surprise. She explains that her job is hard, not because it’s physical work, but because its mental.

“Even though we aren’t therapists, we love being able to talk to our students and refer them to different people who can help them a little bit more.”

She knew she wanted to be a counselor ever since high school because her counselor was amazing. Any time a student wanted to see her she would never say no. And that, to Mrs. Gonzalez, always kind of stuck with her. Having someone who was always available to help her was something super important to her.

She also grew up in this same district and even worked with some kids from this area. So being a counselor just kinda came natural to her.

Mrs. Gonzalez would say that her counselor definitely inspired her and even to this day holds a very important place in her heart and still inspires her.

Some other quick facts about her are: her favorite color is purple but she does often change her answer depending on the season. She studied abroad six months in London.

She has an adorable baby girl and loving husband. She is the oldest of 3 girls. Her birthday is June 11th.

Mrs. Gonzalez is so very kind and I would recommend you just stop by and say hello. She would like to get to know you.