Pandemic Fallout- How are we Affected?

In March 2020, we were forced to go into quarantine due to the virus, COVID-19. Time in isolation has caused our social lives, academics, and our mental health to be affected!!


Andrzej Krauze

This is one of Andrzej Krauze cartoon piece of the Pandemic Fallout.

Why is the pandemic fallout such a huge issue? It’s now January 2023, yet we’re still struggling to go back to “normal”.

What Is The Pandemic Fallout?

The pandemic fallout is the aftermath of quarantine in March 2020. Many schools were to shut down and transfer to online school. During this pandemic, teenagers’ mental health, academics, mindsets were affected negatively. Being isolated from other people can cause negative changes. Or just having too much time on your hand and not being able to do anything.

How Was Our Mental Health Affected?

In a group of 13–18-year-olds, they had an increase of 80%/90% in anxiety and depression. Anxiety is a mental disorder. People with anxiety experience excessive fear and worry constantly. Depression is considered common over 264 million are diagnosed. This disorder affects the way you behave, think, how you live. It’s when you basically have lack in motivation or interest in anything. You’re just overfilled with sadness. That’s not all to these disorders if wanting more specific information, you should read (Brenda’s story link)!!

In 2o2o, more than one student in 3 high school students, their mental health would decrease. This statistic just shows how students’ mental health would struggle. People will never get back that time of isolation. Then in 2021, we were suddenly going to school in person. It felt so weird after so long talking to someone other than people in your household.

How Were Our Academics Affected?

According to Fox News, in the beginning of distance learning, 2020, about 83% were already failing. That is a high number as there was about 1.6 billion students that were doing online school.  In 2022, the average GPA is a 3.0 for females, for males is a 2.9. In 2017, the average GPA in high school was a 3.3. In 2020, about 2 million had dropped out or lacked high school credentials.

Why Is Our Mindset Still Stuck In 2020?

It is now 2023 but people’s mindset is still stuck in 2020. I think this because quarantine took so much time from people’s life. The year 2020 seem endless.  People were isolated, constantly worrying of getting the virus, and losing loved ones. It affected their mental health, physical health, schoolwork, etc.

Hopefully this new year 2023, we will be able to live “normal” and leave 2020 behind us.