New school building

There will be a new building at our school by April 2023.


Hector Ramirez

This is how the new building currently looks like

Gabriela Rojas, contributor

Our school has been working on a new building. The construction for the building began on January 4th, 2021. The building is set to be completed in April 2023. Marybeth T. Gallas, the Facility planner for SMJUHSD said that about 50 percent of the building is already completed.

The idea to have a new building was from the SMJUHSD Board of Education and the Community. They wanted to increase the permanent classroom capacity and to phase out the portables. Kenny Klein the SMJUHSD public information officer, said that it is part of the campus-wide revitalization and that the Measure H was passed by voters in 2016, and that is where they got the money to build the new building.

The new building will have 50 classrooms,  new admin facilities, and it will be three stories high. The classrooms will all have energy saving measures by having LED lighting and some modern climate control systems. All the classrooms will have moveable white board walls, mounted big screen monitors that will be able to display from the teacher’s tablet. The desks and chairs will have wheels that will be able to easily sperate into other learning aids and different arrangements. The building will have a tower bell and feature a visitor parking. The building will be facing Morrison Avenue.

This new building will look much different than the current buildings. Gary Wuitschick, the district’s director of support services, said, “It’s going to look and feel like a college campus.”