In Loving Memory of Alexis Mendoza Raymundo

Former student of Santa Maria is killed at the local mall

Alexis’ student picture from the 2020 SMHS yearbook, taken when he was a sophomore

Alexis Mendoza Raymundo died in a shooting in the Santa Maria Town Center parking structure on Feb 4, 2022, just before midnight. There was a vigil for Alexis after the shooting that took place on Thursday,  February 10. There are a lot of people on our campus who knew Alexis very well and were devastated to see him pass away. To honor him, students, as well as family, have worn a hoodie with a picture of him on the front. He was Saint for 9th and 10th grade, but transferred to Olive Grove Character School.

Olive Grove will give him his diploma postumously.

— Mr.Torres of Fighting Back Santa Maria

The counselor for seniors M-L, Ms. Mendoza, has been getting many students to see her and talk to her about the situation and the impact it has on the students. Ms. Mendoza didn’t go to the vigil because she was unable to attend, but she was prepared when the students starting to contact her for a meeting to talk to her and seeing how the students were feeling. She was saddened when she heard that another young person in the community had died.

One of the people who was close to Alexis is Dael Lopez, who is a senior here at SMHS. He has known Alexis since they were in 2nd grade together. Alexis was like a brother to him because they always had each other’s back and were close friends. Dael did attend the vigil for Alexis. The impact it had on him was hard at first but now it’s been better; he’s learning to live with the grief of losing his friend. One way he’s been trying to cope with whole situation is trying to keep a positive mindset, but sometimes it’s been hard for him to do that. After what happened to Alexis, Dael wants people to “be aware of your surroundings; be responsible of what you’re doing; and be aware of who you’re hanging out with.”

Alexis Mendoza Raymundo will always be in our memories and hearts. He will always be honored by his family and friends. Alexis’s uncle has set up a gofundme page to help and support Alexis’ family and pay for his funeral.