Successful Girls Golf Season in Full Swing

This year’s girls golf team continues to have success on the course.  Those who golf know that success in golf is measured differently than other sports.  In golf, your opponent is the golf course, not the other team.  Each team plays against the golf course and the individuals or team who scores the lowest wins the event.  In tennis the court is always the same size.  Baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis play on fields or courts with uniform dimensions regardless of location. Every golf course, on the other hand, is different.  Imagine the challenge of preparing for a basketball game if every school played on a different size court with a different height basket.  That’s what we have do in golf!

With this in mind, the Saints are having a successful season.  The girls went undefeated against Nipomo this year, starting the season 2-0.  They then ran into the top team in the league, Mission Prep last week.  We played a good match at home, with three of the six girls, Kareen Martinez, Cinthia Martinez and Jimena Diaz all improving their personal bests.  We then played at Avila Beach Resort on Thursday. The course is quite a challenge.  The Mission Prep coach estimates that visiting girls teams shoot 5 -7 shots higher per girl, which equates to team scores 25-35 shots higher than at their home course.

Although the girls were a bit frustrated with the unfamiliar golf course and slightly higher scores, it was a success.  Jimena Diaz improved her PR by 5 shots, thus making Avila her favorite golf course so far.  All of the girls improved over last season at the golf course.  The three returning golfers lowered their scores by an average of 10 shots, as compared to last season. Although she wasn’t pleased with her score, Natalie Gonzales actually improved her score by 15.

Yesterday, September 20th, the girls played a match against St. Joseph.  Due to conflicting events at Santa Maria Country Club, the non-league match was shortened to 7 holes.  Sofia Regalado played her best round ever and would likely have had a PR and first score under 50 if it had gone all 9 holes.  Natalie was solid again.  Kareen, Cinthia and Jimena contributed their season averages. Phoebe Becerra was injured and unable to play, but with her, we would have been able to notch another win.

Keep encouraging the girls in their success.  Much of that success is just now starting to appear in their scores.  They are all hitting better golf shots and making better decisions.  The scores will follow shortly.  Next up is Orcutt Academy on Thursday, September 23rd.