Future Saint Night brings future freshmen together

The evening included sports, clubs, and electives offered at SMHS.


About 500 incoming freshmen got a taste of what student life is all about during SMHS’s Future Saint Night on Wednesday.

The 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. event featured information about athletic programs, clubs, and elective course offerings. It was held inside the Wilson Gym and on the practice field.

We believe Santa Maria is the place to be!

— Athletic Director, Dan Ellington

“Last year our athletics program held a Future Saint Night and because it was such a success, we decided to add all other extracurricular activities,’’ said Saint Athletic Director Dan Ellington.   “As a school, we understand the importance of keeping our students involved. Santa Maria has many wonderful volunteers, coaches, counselors, and teachers willing to go the extra mile to support students. This was an opportunity for us to showcase what we have to offer our community. We believe Santa Maria is the place to be!”