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Alexa Hernandez-Bazan

Robin Schneider and real human skeletons

The Breeze Podcast episode two has a few stories we’d like to share.

Part One:  In this part of the podcast, we will be talking a bit about the hauntings of our most famous hotel right here at this very town, the Santa Maria Inn. Certain hauntings in rooms will be discussed and even how some staff members felt when cleaning or even being alone in certain parts of the hotel.

Part Two: At Fairlawn Elementary School there is a rumor where there is a witch in the tree located by the alleyway. Supposedly a teacher planted that tree and started the rumor of the witch. Not many talk about as the teacher retired and those who would spread the rumor don’t attend the school anymore.

Part Three: The Ethel Pope, the Santa Maria High School auditorium is the center of many events that go on throughout the school year, but it also is responsible for the most notorious story in SMHS history: the possibility of the Ethel Pope being haunted!

As said the Ethel Pope has been reported to be haunted by many former staff and students have all been there before as they have reported to have seen many strange figures walking by and some have even felt the Prescence of the “ghost.” But who is this ghost and why is it spooking out people and most importantly what happened to it to make it stay in SMHS?

Check out more information the Santa Maria Times published a few years ago by clicking here.


Part four:  In the final installment of episode two of our class’s podcast, Ms. Schneider tells us about the unexpectedly creepy lab partners she has.  For some, they are an intriguing part of her classroom, but for others, they find it unsettling to be in the room once they find out the secret.  You don’t want to miss it.

You can listen HERE to episode two today.