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San Fransisco Chinatown

Enviromental Club San Francisco Trip

Firsthand experience of a trip to San Francisco.

When you think about famous cities in the United States you typically come up with answers such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington DC, there is however the most famous city of all and home to two historical treasures called San Francisco. There was a trip regarding San Francisco right here in our humbled Santa Maria High School with one of our clubs, which I am part of, known as The Environmental Club. The experience of the trip is worthy of talk.

The long drive to the famous city was even great to talk about; the scenery and miles of landscapes were astonishing, captivating anyone who is fond of beautiful views. Arriving in the city you could see buildings so tall they pierced the heaves and roads filled with people scrabbling by to get to their destinations. It was truly like being in a movie worthy of an Oscar. After finding parking in Chinatown, we stepped outside for the first time in awe by the view, the city was big and there were many diverse people in the area. After deciding where to eat we went at a local chinese restaurant in the center of the town; the food was so unique and flavorful it was vastly different from the food at home. Some of my peers got Ramen, sweet bun and much more. I wanted to try everything because it just looked that good. Once we finished eating we walked for a bit and came to the tourist’s shops where everyone was still celebrating the lunar new year. The decorations and culture were so captivating you couldn’t get enough of it.

We could see and hear celebrations everywhere; the men and women had lavish clothing and accessories, while the kids ran around with firecrackers, having fun in the streets. There was music playing and loads of people in the streets selling and buying whatever was available from left to right. We had shopped nearly the entire section of the street alone and before we knew it the day went from dawn to dusk. We started to head to where the main event was about to occur which was the parade, signaling the start of the new year while also creating bonds / memories to stick for an eternity. The parade itself lasted hours with many attractions and schools represented in the parade. There was an abundance of tourists, celebrating just like us.

Once we finished with tourist shops and the parade we decided to go to our hotel which was really beautiful and elegant; the room itself had lots to explore with a pool and other amenities. Once we all settled down we shut off the lights and went to bed. In the morning we all gathered to get breakfast that was offered by the hotel and might I say they had a good variety of food choices including, but not limited to, eggs, toast, oats, yogurt and many drinks available. Our second day had a lot of walking and a train ride, the city is really huge and it was really spacious the smell of fresh food just enhanced our trip and entertainment while we were also enjoying the view the city had to offer. After that we went to the pier and saw the most famous prison, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge was no small bridge indeed. Our whole day was spent looking around, buying gifts and trying new foods while also trying to stay together. But at last, every good thing must come to an end, so we took the same transport and headed to our van. It was truly fun in San Francisco, so I recommend to anyone to go and experience it for yourself.

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