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FFA Competitions-What is it all about?

FFA an organization to make students successful in their future. How does FFA competitions contribute with that?

What is FFA?

FFA is a program offered in High School, and it is offer here in Santa Maria High School.  FFA’s goal is to help students with their leadership skills. They push students to be independent and to be “well rounded” in order to become the most successful in their futures.

FFA Competitions

The FFA Competition that Santa Maria High School competed in was the FFA Chapter Public Speaking Constest. (Click on the photo to see their Instagram!!)

FFA Competitions are held by the National FFA Organization. In FFA competitions, high school students compete with each other about a particular subject they’re knowledgeable in.

Field Days Dates:

2/12: Chico

3/5: Davis

3/12: Merced

These competitions being held require students to go

the day before the competitions as they are a bit far and they

need to be there on time. These competitions are also considered “practice.”

3/19: Modesto

4/2: Reedley

4/9: Fresno

Some of the competitions that are held in Fresno are the State Finals.


The competitions at Cal Poly are the State Finals. As Cal Poly isn’t too far from Santa Maria they don’t have to go far since it’s just down the road.

What are Leslie Rodriguez Thoughts on FFA Competitons?

Leslie Rodiguez is one the students in the FFA program. She is a freshman here at Santa Maria high school. I interviewed her on how her experience has been so far competing in these FFA competitions.

I have gotten a good place in all of these! I constantly work hard and practice to make better efforts.

— Leslie Rodriguez

  • What competitions have you done so far?

“I have done 3 so far, opening and closing, B.I.G contest, and Creed.”

  • What did you think of them?

“Well, they were very fun! But they were also very frustrating and stressing because, having to constantly do better and having to speak publicly.”  

  • Do you think you will continue on doing these competitions all 4 years of high school?

“Yes, I will! Although they can be really stressing, I love the outcome of my hard work and I will constantly push myself to do more that can help me in any way possible.”

  • How do these competitions personally help you?

“They help me with my speaking and more opportunities to do better in FFA and also in my careers because with these I am given lots of boosts in other careers I want to pursue.”

There are many career development events that Santa Maria High School competes in. The school’s FFA even has their own website: Career Development Events | santa-maria-ffa ( There they have all the events they participate in and their description if wanting information about them!

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