The Santa Clauses – Should This be New Series be on Your Watchlist This Holiday Season?

The Santa Clauses - Should This be New Series be on Your Watchlist This Holiday Season?

Breeze Staff, Contributor

Christmas is almost here! And with that, there are many Christmas shows and movies to watch this season. This holiday season is a great chance to watch the new streaming series called, The Santa Clauses. The Santa Clauses picks up where the old 2006 film, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, (The first movie was released in 1994) leaves off. Should this be on your watchlist this season?

First, it’s filled with excitement and thrilling twists. I would have to say that the show itself is for everyone of all ages, and if you like cheesy and classic holiday shows, this might be something you’ll look out for.

The base of the plot is that Santa is a job title, not just one man throughout time. The idea of Santa Claus never being the same Santa Claus forever never came to mind. I thought that Santa Claus was immortal or something, but not in this case. Based on the first episode, I would suggest watching for the laughs. The series is a comedy that includes the one and only, Tim Allen, who picks the role back up from the previous three films! Santa, getting old and realizing he can’t be Santa forever, sets out to find a suitable replacement for himself while he tries to spend more time with his family.

The casting and plot were certainly good, but the execution was done poorly. The jokes were cheesy and it could even come off as a bit cringe. It could be blamed on the director or the fact that there are so many Christmas movies, so finding an original plot is hard and the show doesn’t necessarily stand out from all the other popular Christmas movies.

The movie has a fun vibe, but let me tell you, those scenes where they started dancing had me wheezing inside and had me cringeing, but the songs were kind of a bop though.

Another great thing about this series is the characters being introduced nicely and in a very effective way so that you will remember them.

Below is our scores and comments about the series:

Evelyn: “Honestly, this miniseries seems like a show I’d watch with my family or as young as elementary. The humor is for younger audiences so it’s not really as funny. Overall rating would be 3/5.”

Edgar: “3/5 – too cheesy.”

Aida: “I feel like this is the type of series you would watch with your younger siblings or show 4th graders. Since young kids tend to find anything funny since they’re young and have a sense of humor. 3.5/5.”

Brenda: “After watching the first episode, I don’t think I’ll be watching the next episodes that follow. Overall, I’d rate it a 2/5.”

Freddy: “Overall, I would say this a very all right series in terms of everything combined; its great with the whole theme of Christmas and the characters, but I feel like everything else would need to be improved. Would I come back to watch it? Me, personally, no. Would I recommend it to other people, yes and no: yes to the younger kids, as they might get some fun out of this, but for the older kids and adults, I feel like they may not enjoy this as much as say a kid. 3/5.”

Alexa: “I might continue to watch it. 4/5”

Jose: “2/5”

If you’re interested, you can catch the trailer here.