Homecoming Reveal

A wrap up about how the homecoming was and what went down

The homecoming rally was fun, but the spirit was a little weird at first, but we got through it. A lot of people were shocked at who won the title and as for the other people, it was pretty obvious who would win.

Let’s start off with the freshman skit, to be fair the freshman didn’t have a skit, so the K-pop club performed for them. (I was also part of the k-pop dance. The pressure was there since I also ran for Princess. I didn’t win haha… (Look it was worth a try). That day was honestly hectic for me, anyways.

Then we had the sophomores perform and one of the songs they perform was by Bad Bunny! Then from there, we picked up with the Junior’s skit, it was a drawing board game. It didn’t look appealing if I’m honest with you. So we had a talk and he said

“It didn’t go as planned, what we originally planned didn’t go as planned.” said Abraham Carillo.

Ouch, but don’t worry, there was a recovery!!

Then we had the seniors do their skit, it was pretty funny to watch.

Fun fact, a day before the event they stayed after school to practice and kept improvising their skit, a little late, but they still managed to pull it off. Their performance was honestly great, a congratulation to the seniors!

You know what they say save the best for last. Well at the end of the rally, we had Abraham Carillo give us a performance. (Which was the recovery from the Junior Skit).

He sang for us, like wait hold up, you can sing!? I guess we got to reveal someone’s secret that day. Most people in the crowd got their phones out and lit them on like we were in a concert. ( What I meant lit on was by putting their flashlight on). Some people actually ended up shedding a tear. I was one of those people, haha it kinda just hit me.

I had a little interview with Abraham Carillo about how he felt singing in front of a crowd. And these were his words,

Umm in short it felt like a movie, because being right there in front of the juniors, my class, and seeing everyone with their flashlight turned on, swaying their arms and singing along. And then during the interlude of the song a bunch of people were cheering me on. And it just felt very, very special to me. And it really made you feel like apart of a movie.

Abraham did an awesome job honestly, even though the performance was a last-minute thing they thought about.

If you’re curious about what song he sang it was, “Until I found You” by Stephen Sanchez.

Pretty much it, which reminds me, I’ll be putting the people who won for Princess, Prince, Queen, and King down below. Congratulations to them for winning in 2022, we’ll be getting to see who wins next year.

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  • Mayra Contreras

Princess- Mayra Contreras

Prince- Johan Marcial

Queen- Wendi Jovel

King- Elvis Jarquin