University Signing Day

Seniors gather for a special event commemorating their hard work and commitment to going straight to a university after high school.


Mr. Salazar

This was everyone who attended the event, both students and teachers.

Gabriela Rojas, Contributor

On Thursday, April 28th, the counseling department held a special event: University Signing Day. All seniors who will be attending a four-year university next year were invited to the event. This year, there were about 100 students from Santa Maria High School who committed to a four year university. They were all celebrated on the university signing day.

The event happened during lunch at the practice field. The students names were all announced. They were all called up to stage in groups depending on which university they committed to. They signed their certificates on stage. Some teachers and staff wore shirts with “signing day” printed on them as a way to show support for the students.

The signing day has been happening for the past years and Ms. Mendoza, one of the senior counselors, said the counselors try to put up an event to make it better.  This event is important since several students from this school go off to a four-year university.

Mr. Gaeta, who is also a senior counselor, and Ms. Mendoza said, “We wanted to celebrate this huge milestone in a big way because signing and committing to a university is a big deal for not only them, but their family as well. ”  Ms. Mendoza also added, “This was our first year that students were able to invite teachers. It was great to see so many teachers and staff at the event supporting the students on their accomplishment.”

Next year for the university signing the counselors are planning to encourage the teachers to bring their gear from own alma maters, and to make the event even better than this year.