Cleaning Up Our Act

Our school has organized a trash campaign to help with our trashy campus.


Gabriela Rojas

This is how the campus looks after school, and those are some of the new trash cans that were placed.

Gabriela Rojas, Contributor

For some time now, students have not been picking up after themselves during lunch and break. The staff are all trying to encourage students to pick up after themselves and help keep the school clean.

Principal Campbell said that the maintenance staff spends over eight hours per day just picking up trash. This leads to the staff not having enough time to focus on other projects for the campus.  In response to the trash campaign, the maintenance and operations department have put out about 50 new trash cans to help with this issue.

ASB has been trying to bring the issue to light. The messages about trash pick up have been on the daily announcements reminding students to pick up after themselves. Messages about the trash situation have also been sent to parents. Mr. Salazar said, “many individuals have been working to encourage students to dispose of their trash in cans provided. For example, the maintenance department and various individuals that supervise the lunch period.”

The issue was brought up at a recent Shared Decision making (SDM) meeting and that is how a trash campaign was started. It was decided after winter break that there will be a trash campaign.

Leaving your trash behind for another person to pick up is disrespectful, and unnecessary.”

— Mr. Campbell

The campaign began in March and it seems as though it won’t end unless students start picking up after themselves. The expected benefits of this campaign is to help get the school to be a nicer place for students and the people who work here.

The staff try really hard to keep this campus a nice place and students should also try to help.  Mr. Campbell, our school principal, said, “no one is here to pick up another person’s trash. Leaving your trash behind for another person to pick up is disrespectful, and unnecessary.” Students should show more respect to the staff. Mr. Campbell, the Maintenance department, and ASB are still trying to get the students to start picking up after themselves. We hope the students do start showing more respect and start picking up after themselves.