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Review by Jesus Morales Sandoval

On December 3rd, our journalism class watched Home Sweet Home Alone. Just like the rest of the Home Alone movies, it was a comedy and family movie. It is available only on Disney+.

In my opinion, Home Sweet Home Alone is quite funny. I’m not sure what the intended audience is, but it made me laugh. The actors did a good job, they made a references to the first movie, and some scenes that didn’t make sense at first to me, later got cleared up. The movie had enough jokes to consider it a comedy but not too much to have it considered only a comedy.

At first I thought it might be just copying the original movie, so going into it I didn’t think it would be too good. I could tell, after a few minutes, it was not just a remake; it was its own movie, same series, same idea, but way different from the original, and far from what I was expecting. The movie had some jokes that weren’t too funny, but a lot of them were pretty good, the traps getting set off were fun to watch, and the reason for the traps being set was pretty funny too.

Overall, the movie was a solid 8/10; the only thing that I didn’t really like was how they all just became friends, I feel like after those events they probably wouldn’t talk to each other much, but that’s just my thoughts. Would I recommend it to someone, probably. Are there other movies that would come to mind before this one, yes. It’s not the best, but it is nowhere near the worst.

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