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Dune, the remake of the 1984 original, and the book published in 1965, hit theatres October 22nd.

Dune Review by Jesus Tapia Diaz

We watched a movie called Dune in class last week in class, My first impression on it was this some Star Wars film? it seemed like it at first to me, It was a sci fi movie like Star Wars and took place in space and many more similarities.

One thing I can say about the movie that its definitely not meant for kids; its mostly meant for a teen-adult audience given it has a lot of violence and blood in some moments. It is rated PG -13 after all, so it makes sense.

The Movie itself was good; there was a lot of nice story-telling action and characters. A lot of moments had me in shock and they were all amazing to look at. The storyline was nice although I was quite lost given how fast paced it was. all I can say is it follows like many movies where the characters have to stop an evil force.

If you like sci fi films then I highly recommend it. You have to be over 13 though.

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