A Wish and a Hope, and a Good Deed Done by Saints

Jesus Morales Sandoval, Contributor

On Friday, October 22, our Saints football team played against Morro Bay’s football team. This occurred at Morro Bay high school; this was also one of the last games of the season for our Saints. During this game, we did lose, but something great did unravel from the match.

Number 6, Zach Borges, congratulates number 78, the player from Morro Bay who scored his first touchdown.

Our Saints varsity team wasn’t doing too well with a score of 10-38 at the Morro Bay game that happened on October 22th. Senior Jacob Nava said, “it was a tough night for the team.  Our morale was starting to get low…” As the game was nearing its end, the referee had a request for our Saints: they requested that our Saints let number 78, a teenager with Down’s Syndrome, score a touchdown. He also asked our players not to physically contact him; he hasn’t been able to play all season because of his disability.

It made me feel good even though we couldn’t win the game.

Our team accepted the proposal, played their parts greatly, and most likely have given that kid a memory he’ll keep for a very long time. Nava continued, saying, “as a team we respect our opponents, no matter who.

Varsity player Christopher Ruiz explained how it felt to let the kid score saying, “it felt good letting someone who hasn’t been able to play all season, because of a disadvantage, score. It made me feel good even though we couldn’t win the game.” This was a great act by our Saints on the football field, and a great representation of a lot of the kids in our school.

Hopefully, this could bring some light to our school, as a whole, showing that not everyone who goes to SMHS is a thug, or a gangster, or any other bad assumption they have of us. I just don’t feel it’s right to be judged for whatever reasons they have; hopefully they can see that we have great people at our school, instead of just guessing we’re all these bad things. And hopefully our Saints have a better football season next year. I wish them the best of luck and don’t forget to stop by and watch their games if you have the time. I wish nothing but the best for every Saint, and I wish that our seniors have a great future, whether they’re going to college or not.  You can watch the video of the game here.