Regular Season Girls Golf Winds Down With Continued Improvements

With Home Matches Finished, the Team Continues to Improve Their scores


Cindi Fiechtner

With the girls golf season winding down, the final home match took place October 13, 2021.

Jay Cheney, guest contributor

The girls golf team completed their regular season matches yesterday, October 13th, at home against PVHS.  As the last home match, it was deemed “senior night,” and the seniors stepped up! Sofia Regalado was the medalist, carding a 48 as the low score for the second day in a row. She is really making smart decisions on the course that are leading to better scores.  Cinthia Martinez posted a personal best of 61, making a solid contribution to a season low at SMCC.  Alondra Llamas played in her first match ever, and ended with a first-time score she can be proud of.  We wish she could have joined the team earlier in the season.

There is no reason SMHS couldn’t become the dominant golf program.

— Jay Cheney

With the other three girls, Noradely Garcia played her best round ever, breaking the 60 barrier with a 58.  She has really improved.  Phoebe Becerra & Natalie Gonzales were a bit off their games and carded scores that were a couple shots higher than their season averages, but still solid contributions. Golf legend Ben Hogan is credited as saying, “golf is a game of misses. He who misses best, wins.”  So, although the girls get disappointed when their shots are less than they expect, they are learning to miss better, and scores continue to drop.  Having coached the girls team for 11 years now, I can say that these girls have the most golf talent than any others I have coached.  They hit some of the longest drives I have seen girls hit.  They hit beautiful arcing iron shots that any golfer would envy.  Their chipping and play around the greens has improved dramatically.  But, like most golfers they are giving away too many shots on the putting green; as the saying goes, “drive for show, putt for dough.”  The 200-yard drive and the two-inch putt both count as one shot.  As their putting becomes as consistent as the rest of their game, these girls have the chance to become a force to be reckoned with.  They have the foundation to be some of the best high school golfers on the central coast.  There is no reason SMHS couldn’t become the dominant golf program.  It’s exciting to have girls seriously talking about the option of playing golf at the college level.

Thanks for all of your support, especially to Jana Silva & Jeanette McColm who came out to watch the girls.  You may never know how much that meant to them.

League finals will be held Thursday, October 21 at Black Lake Golf Resort.