SMHS Students Rally to Crown The Homecoming Royalty

All Classes Come Together to Celebrate a Long-Held Tradition

Dianna Perez, escorted by Ms. Quaid, was crowned Homecoming Princess at the rally.

Breeze Staff, Contributor

For the first time in almost two years, the students at Santa Maria High School were finally able to participate in a rally! Usually, by now, we’ve had multiple events that gather the students together as a whole student body.  They are: March of the Saints, the Welcome-Back Rally, and Homecoming.

While we weren’t able to attend the first two events, Homecoming made its grand reappearance with music, dance, and the crowning of this year’s Junior Princess, Dianna Jimenez.  Dianna was escorted onto the field by Ms. Quaid.

Both the JV and Varsity Cheer teams performed, as did the newest club on campus, the Hip Hop Dance Club, advised by Mrs. Olson Sanchez. The yearbook, also advised by Mrs. Olson Sanchez, revealed this year’s book’s theme: “A Year Like No Other.”

One thing that made this year’s homecoming rally special was the fact that ALL classes attended together, at the football stadium.  Usually, the campus is broken up into two rallies, held inside the gym. With the pandemic changing the rules of how we can gather, the rally was held outside with everyone in attendance.

Last year, school spirit took a major hit, but this year, our school is seeing a surge of Saint Pride and student activities.  With the return of the rally, we are slowly seeing the return to normalcy.