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Maria Gallardo

Maria Gallardo, Contributor

My name is Maria Gallardo, and I am a contributor to the Breeze website. The 2021/22 school year is my last year here at SMHS. I'm hopeful that my last year at SMHS will be at school. This is also my first and last year taking journalism.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing Genshin Impact with my sisters and brother and watching shows on Netflix. Some shows I enjoy are Criminal Minds, The Night Shift, and Another Life. I also enjoy reading when it is not assigned reading. I have a cat named Khat who enjoys fighting with my sister's dog, Rocky. They don't get along well but sometimes they are able to stay in the same room without fighting.

I would love for our website to be a place where the Saints go to see what is current and happening. Look forward to our future work!

Content by Maria Gallardo