Introducing English Teacher, Juan Vergara!


Freddy Salmeron, Contributor

Mr. Vergara is one of our newest teachers here on campus as it his first year here. A few things about Mr. Vergara: as mentioned before this is his first year here as a teacher and he is currently 23 years old. Mr. Vergara grew up in the Central Valley and studied at Cal Poly. He now holds a Bachelors in English and Spanish. Last year he student taught at Pioneer Valley High School.

A few facts about him include his favorite color is purple. His favorite sports team is the Dodgers (A family thing). He played volleyball for his high school and college. Food wise, he enjoys Chinese food, as well as his favorite genre of music is pop with his favorite artist being Lizzo. His favorite genre of movies is horror! His favorite book is Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. On his free time, he likes going to the beach to rest and relax, as well a hiking on the weekends, and his favorite T.V. show is Modern Family. While in high school he was also in the marching band, ASB, as well as on the volleyball team.

One thing that Mr. Vergara enjoys about SMHS is the heart that goes into here such as the effort and how people care. One piece of advice he has for the current seniors and SMHS students is to try to be open in the sense that you put yourself out there and try what you like, as you only get the four years of high school and they go by quick, so don’t leave any regrets!

Mr. Vergara’s goal in life (career wise) has always been to be a teacher as he personally enjoys it and as well as that, he felt that he has never connected with the past teachers he had. Eventually, he plans to return to school to get his PhD to teach at the university level.

We hope you all welcome Mr. Vergara to SMHS nicely and we hope he has a great time here at SMHS!