Andrew Eisner – New Educator on Campus

interviewing the mind of an educator and learning more about the people who educate us.


While it may be that the world has a lot of perspective on many topics and ideas, let’s not forget that these stem from mentors or people of higher knowledge passed down from generation to generation, which is why teachers and mentors are very crucial to society. They help us understand the world for what it is. Which is also a reason why I chose to interview a teacher at our welcomed school grounds here at Santa Maria High School to have better insight onto what goes on inside the individuals in charge of our future.

I’ve had the luxury to interview an educator at our school’s campus named Mr. Eisner and he’s given insight on his personal goals and achievements. Mr. Eisner is a humble man. Although he has come from a different background that hasn’t stopped him from giving and becoming a better person; he is very much a people person and while that may seem noble, it does come with its pros and cons. Currently, he is a teacher here at Santa Maria High School on campus and a water polo coach. He wishes to win the championship before he retires and enjoys helping students simply because he believes in the potential of everyone he’s taken under his wing.

For some of us, relating to Mr. Eisner may be comforting, but deep down we are all different. For example, we all have different interests and hobbies, but for Mr. Eisner his hobbies are playing sports or watching them; it may have to do with him coaching a whole water pollo team.

While everyone has dealt with their own personal struggles, Mr. Eisner has also had his fair share of struggles, one of them being when he first started college. He didn’t fit in, he felt detached or even separated from the rest of his peers. It took a while before he started to feel comfortable and open to the people around him. Many of us struggle with the idea of fitting into society or have the need to be liked and be good, but Mr. Eisner believes, “you are only as good as the good you see in people.” He believes anyone can be a great and honest person, depending on how we view others with different and unique perspectives.