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Teens Jump-start Project For Health (4)

Ever worry about gaining weight. How about when you try to resist the temptation of eating your sister’s scrumptious, mouthwatering, chocolate cheesecake but end up eating it just because? Then I got the club perfect for discouraging you from doing that! This is a club that addresses the health issues around the Santa Barbara County and acts accordingly to them: Project Teen Health!

As you can obviously tell by the name – and because I just told you – the club’s all about improving the health of teenagers, led by teenagers! These kids discuss ongoing problems in school pertaining to health, such as the horrid, disgusting condition of our school’s restrooms, especially the guys’ locker room restroom. Eww! They also mentioned the problems of our school’s lunch, something that many consider to be terrible, though I don’t think that it’s THAT bad.

To make our school better, Project Teen Health (PTH) tries to get the [superintendent] of the district to acknowledge and change the aforementioned issues. However, PTH can’t do it alone; they need the help of you guys! The thought of spending $100 on snacks just to appease your tyrant, little brother/sister isn’t really appealing, is it? Likewise, the [superintendent] would not be a fan of just throwing out the school district’s money for the benefit of the few. That’s why if a lot of people complain of something, the [superintendent] is bound to do something about it. Supporting PTH not only provides you with healthful tips and tidbits, but also with the many much-needed changes to our school.