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Combatting stress for: beginnners

47. 47% of Americans say they are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives. For such a high number of people dealing with stress on a daily basis, very few actually know what to do about it, and many develop unhealthy  habits in hopes of finding relief but only cause more harm. If you’ve ever felt like you were on the losing side in the battle against stress, look into these methods to help with that, and give your racing mind a pit stop  every now and then.
    You know when you see those bald monks in movies sitting crisscross, apple sauce and throwing up okay signs on their knees, well whether they look funny or not they really know what they’re doing. Meditation is the practice of taking a moment to find yourself within your own mind, not worrying about exams, relationships, or anything else. Sitting down to really become aware of the space you’re in without concerning yourself with what is going on there is called mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of those things that you never really see it’s worth until you obtain it, it’s a useful tool that anyone can utilize if you take the time, and though you won’t levitate like in movies, you will FEEL the results as your worries momentarily drift away, meditation is a great way to get away from it all without ever taking a physical step.
   If you literally want to get away from things however, vacationing is a great way to relax too. Relocating to a new environment can affect you on a tangible and a mental state, you’ll realize that when you go to get sand between your toes at a beach your mind is also taking in the sound of the crashing waves and peaceful surroundings will lead you to mental peace as well. Go somewhere and not only physically get out of the main place that stresses you out, but mentally escape from it when you reside somewhere that makes you forget about everything everywhere else.
    Where words fail, music speaks, and the same goes for relieving stress. Using music from whatever genre or artist  you feel you need to hear at that moment can help with stress in a lot of ways. Maybe you need to blast music to drown out everything around you, or you need to hear that song that you can’t even remember the name of but know all the lyrics to, or the one a loved one use to play it so it reminds you of more simple time. Whether used to focus, distract, or soothe, music is a universal language that can and will speak to you when you need it to.
    Really though, maybe you just need something as effortless as getting that long needed sleep session, reading novels to escape a stressed out world and enter a fictional one, writing what you feel in a journal can take the emotions you don’t know how to deal with and turn them into a written blueprint for yourself, do what you can to relieve stress in healthy ways, searching for relief itself shouldn’t be stressful. Do what you can, put your health first, and don’t wait for your next meltdown to happen when you can beat what is bothering you by using one of these stress “fighting styles”