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Dominique Ayala

Hello my name is Dominique Ayala, and I’m a 17 year old senior in Santa Maria High School. I’ve lived in Santa Maria since I was born and live with my mom, dad and 2 brothers (well technically one but my dog is part of the family so he’s like my little brother). I’m a fun, crazy, and social person once people get to know me. At first I’m a little shy but once I get comfortable with people I’m a fun oh and also very loud person. My best friends are my older brother and my dog. I tell both of them everything and even though my dog can’t talk I know he can understand how I’m feeling and he always comforts me, so does my brother.

When I graduate from High School I want to do two years of community college here at Hancock and transfer to UC Davis to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a big fascination with animals. They’re amazing and caring creatures that I’d love to care for and make sure they’re safe and healthy.  Specifically my favorite animal is a dog. I’m a HUGE dog person. Dogs are my everything, they’re joyful, goofy, and most importantly SO FLIPPING CUTE! If I could I’d have a farm filled with dogs.