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Daily Bulletin Monday, February 24, 2020

Santa Maria High School
Daily Bulletin
Monday, February 24, 2020

 Attention Seniors! Congratulations we have now filled THREE (3) buses for GradNite! Bring your contracts and your
payments to the Business office as soon as possible, we will only take a full bus, don’t miss out! We will now begin a “wait
list” for bus #4 for those who would like to still make it to this once in a lifetime trip withyour friends!
 Students who are interested in taking the ASVAB test, the test will be administered on campus, April 24th immediately after
school. Please see Ms. Washington in the Career Center to sign up.
 Attention All OTCR Students: If you have been referred to OTCR and have not completed all your courses, please see Ms.
Olsen in the MMLC at Lunch or after school. You must work daily until you finish your OTCR courses.
 Attention staff and all students: do you want to make sure you have your yearbook this year?  Order by February 25th to
ensure you’re in the preorders!  After February, we expect to sell out, so there will be zero guarantees that you’ll get your
 Attention seniors. Please stop by room 112 at some point to make sure we have your senior picture! We will be turning in
these yearbook pages very soon and want to make sure you’re pictured!
 FCA-Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be meeting in Coach Silva’s room 352 on Tuesday at lunch. Bring a friend to hear
a good word. Pizza will be served.
 The Close-Up Washington DC, Club will meet at lunch on Wednesday in room 640.
 The Alpine Club will meet at lunch on Tuesday in room 640. Please attend for important trip updates.
 Gaming Club has been canceled this week. See you all next week!
 Attention all CSF members! Applications are due no later than Feb. 24th in room 514. That means they must be turned in to
Mrs. Springer by this Monday. Don’t miss out on wearing the gold CSF cord your senior year because you didn’t turn in
your application.
 Attention staff and students! Key Club is hosting its annual blood drive on Wednesday, March 5th. Help save a life and
donate blood. Come to room 355 to get more information and sign up for an appointment or talk to Mrs. Lombardi-Hyder.
The donation bus will be available from 8:30 to 1:30. You can make a difference!
 It’s time to celebrate. FFA chapters around the country celebrate National FFA Week. It’s a time to share what FFA is and
the impact it has on members every day. Santa Maria FFA will be hosting a variety of fun events each day this week to
showcase the club, its members and the agriculture industry. Listen to the bulletin for events and locations and we will see
you there!

Santa Maria High School – Go, Saints!

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