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Daily Bulletin Monday, January 27, 2020

Santa Maria High School
Daily Bulletin
Monday, January 27, 2020

 Attention students elected to the School Site Council: Jenny Angel-Astudillo, Miriam Jimenez Cuevas, Audrey
Nava-Guzman, and Jasmine Garcia Hernandez – please report to the SSC Meeting TODAY in room 105 at 4:00
 Seniors: The requirements for senior activities are as follows: Seniors must have 190 credits, not more than 36
cuts, must not have committed a major discipline act resulting in suspension or expulsion and all fees must be
cleared. If you do not meet the senior privilege requirements you may apply for a senior appeal form. You may
pick up an appeal form in Mr. Diaz’s office with Mrs. Robles. GradNite Senior Appeals will be accepted until
Wednesday, February 12th.
 Seniors: GradNite tickets are now on sale! First, you must get a contract from the ASB office and remember,
seats on the bus are limited.
 Attention All OTCR Students: If you have been referred to OTCR and have not completed all your courses,
please see Ms. Olsen in the MMLC at Lunch or after school. You must work daily until you finish your OTCR
 Attention seniors: the deadline to buy your yearbook to ensure your quote is submitted is now THIS FRIDAY,
January 31st.  Don’t delay.  This is the last chance.  Order at the business office or online at
yearbookforever.com.  See Mrs. van d for details in room 112.
 Attention staff and all students: want to make sure you have your yearbook this year?  order by February 25th to
ensure you’re in the preorders!  After February, we expect to sell out, so there will be zero guarantees that you’ll
get your book.

Santa Maria High School – Go, Saints!

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