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Daily Bulletin Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Santa Maria High School
Daily Bulletin
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

 Seniors: a senior class meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd during 7th period. Please report to your 7 th -period
class for attendance. With permission, head over to Ethel Pope Auditorium. It is that time to order the graduation
 Seniors, if you are planning to put a senior quote in the yearbook, please make sure you order your yearbook online or at
the business office by January 26th. Only those seniors who have bought the book will be able to put their quote in. Please
see Mrs. van D in room 112 if you have any questions.
 Attention All OTCR Students: If you have been referred to OTCR and have not completed all your courses, please see Ms.
Olsen in the MMLC at Lunch or after school. You must work daily until you finish your OTCR courses.
 BSU meeting today at lunch in the Career Center. Bring a friend and bring your lunch. We will continue planning for Black
History Month and the State Conference. See you there!!
 The Close-Up Washington DC, Club will meet at lunch today in room 640. Saints order some amazing See’s candy for your
Valentine sweetheart or a friend.
 FFA members!!! Join us in THE AMAZING RACE which will be a scavenger hunt around campus. We will learn about the
history of SMHS. The meeting will be held today at 3:30 pm. See your teacher for more information. Bring a team of 5-7
people and let the games begin.
 The Close-Up Washington DC, Club will be pre-selling See’s candy this Friday at lunch on the practice field. Come out and
order some delicious chocolate for your Valentine!
The boy’s tennis season is here! All those interested in boy’s tennis can find out more in room 531.

Santa Maria High School – Go, Saints!

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