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The Early Steps to Higher Education

Education has always been a large part of mostly everyone’s lives. And education isn’t always in the form that everyone first thinks of: school. Undoubtedly, it has prepared us to undertake certain tasks, assume a certain job position, and take on life in general. However, higher education offers the opportunity for students to broaden the scope on potential occupations. Through higher education, students can choose to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and many more. For many of Santa Maria High’s freshmen, they are taking their first and early steps to achieving higher education in pursuit of their passions.

Recently this year, our school has taken initiative on preparing freshmen for higher education. Offering every freshmen class the opportunity to attend a trip to Cal Poly, this has been the first anything like this has ever happened for a long time. Although not every freshmen has opted in, the number of those who accepted was so large, there had to be eight separate trips of 100 students.

Assistant Principal Campbell explained that the whole reason for the outing was to expose students to a college campus in hopes of encouraging them to pursue higher education.

As part of the excursion, the class of 2022 was guided around campus by Cal Poly students acting as tour guides. The freshmen learned of the vast and various programs available at the school as well as the witnessed the beauty of the campus.

Many freshmen responded to the trip positively, and the trip to Cal Poly was considered a success because of the positive feedback. With the success of this program, Santa Maria High is considering continuing it for future freshmen.

Mr. Campbell wanted to make it clear that Assistant Principal Diaz and Mrs. Washington, the head of the Career Center, were the main architects of this program’s inception to Santa Maria High. Ms. Mendoza, the College Site Coordinator of the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) also played a role in the program, gathering up Cal Poly students to serve as tour guides for the freshmen.