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Guitar Class and Orchestra

Okay, so, you know when you’re in a game of guitar hero and slaying every note? Or when your favorite Metallica song is on and you stand up because your air guitar solo is just as good as the original? Those moments feel good, don’t they? Well, what if I could offer you something even better? Right here on campus, you could learn to play the guitar that will actually make a sound. We have guitar classes and a club here for players of any skill level. Whether you’ve never touched a guitar or you’re the new coming of Jimi Hendrix, there’s a place for you to learn and rock out.

Guitar veteran Mr. Van Wie and the lovely band instructor Ms. Quart are the guitar teachers this year. For you newbies, Ms. Quart is teaching beginners in 5th period, while Mr Van Wie in 2nd and 6th. As for those with some experience that think they have what it takes, Mr. Van Wie’s 1st period is for intermediate players. That’s not all; if you’re actually crazy about guitar and basically sleep with a fender in your hands, you can join the SMHS guitar orchestra. Rehearsals are after school on  Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you are given the opportunity to shine by displaying your skills at performances in front of big crowds. My good friend and SMHS alumni Edgar Dominguez is the perfect example of someone who started the pursuit of his passion with the small step of joining our guitar class

The guitar class takes what they’ve learned and make music outside of school on both acoustic and electric guitars are able to soar across the fretboard and play as well as they can because they sat and learned to play basic chords. Passion makes perfect, but practice helps a lot too.  As for the instrument itself, you will be assigned a guitar with a number on the case designated to you. You can play in class whenever you come and put it away when you are done, but those who are performers are given the privilege of taking their guitars home.

and is now a stellar player who received scholarships for guitar. Him along with our students who

So, now you’ve been offered a guitar class right here at your very own school, with two very capable teachers, and they supply you with the guitar, sooooo if you’re interested, what’s your excuse? If you’d like to trade in your tennis rackets and broomsticks for a real guitar, you know where to start.