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Yesenia Gijon

Hello, my name is Yesenia Gijon, and currently I’m in my junior year of high school. This is my first year of journalism. I’m excited to meet new people and make new friends and learn how to work with them to create an amazing year book. I’m currently 16 years old, I was born in April 22, 2002 in Santa Maria. I have 2 smaller brothers and I’m the oldest. I hope to be more involved in school for these last two years I have here at Santa Maria High School. I did water polo for a little while last year; I had to stop for certain reasons, but I’m really looking forward on doing it again. It’s such a fun sport in my personal opinion. I wasn’t so into taking pictures before I got this class, but I’ve gotten to experience how fun it is actually is to take pictures, especially on a Friday night at football games on the sidelines. Deadlines may be scary, but overall this class is very fun.