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Ashley R.

Hi Everyone, My Name is Ashley Ramíres. Yes Ramires with an “s”, I like to say that my mom was way too exited to give birth to me that she spelled my last name wrong. With that being said I was born on the day they called “pie day,” also known as March 14. Which is the weirdest thing since I don’t enjoy math. Something I do enjoy doing on my spare time is working out at the gym, singing along to songs and binge- watching shows on Netflix. I like to always keep myself busy which is why at school im involved in Asb, Yearbook, ETS, Las Comadres, and Choir. I am also a Senior this year which makes me sad and happy at the same time. With high school being great  it makes me feel sad that its almost going to be over but happy that I actually enjoyed it and made amazing memories with amazing people.

I know that many students during their senior year are indecisive about their major but believe it or not I am positive that I want to be a dermatologist and a gym trainer in the future. They both have played a big part of my life while growing up, which is why I want to be able to help others that are in need of it. I am currently planning to study business at Fresno state, along with my sister Evelin that is studying criminal justice and is on her 3rd year. She definingly has been a great role model and I literally cant wait to move in with her since we’re practically like bestfriend’s. I also have 2 more sisters, Itzel which is the oldest and Jessel which is the youngest. I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces . My parents are Cecilia and Celedonio, they feel in love young and starting having a family when my mom was the age of 16. Which is pretty normal when being Mexican.

Growing up in Santa Maria can be boring at times which is why I promised to myself that I would travel the world and explore the amazing foods out their as well with their cultures and traditions. Which is why I’m super exited that I will be going to Costa Rica this spring break. Its crazy to even think I have the chance to go. I can definitely say that I am an adventurous person.