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Finals week is fast approaching! Make sure you stay strong and study for your tests. The semester is almost over, people!
Staff profiles

Jose Trujillo

Hello! My name is Jose. I am a senior, and this is my first year in Journalism. I am really curious and excited to see what this class has to offer. I was born in Mexicali, which is in Baja, California.  Then, I moved to Salinas, California when I was 2 years old. I grew up there until my freshman year of high school where my dad would eventually get a new job and decided that we should move to Yuma, Arizona. Soon after, we decided to move to Santa Maria, California. I have 2 brothers: one younger and the other older.

Although I moved to three different schools in three different locations, I think that this is an amazing experience because I got to meet new people. Something interesting about me is that I like to watch and play soccer. Also, on occasion, I like to watch boxing matches. I am very excited about this year, and I hope to learn some interesting skills! I can’t wait!