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Austin Peinado

Hey, everyone! My name is Austin Peinado. I’m currently a senior at SMHS. This is my first year in yearbook and I’m very excited for this experience!

Throughout my life, I’ve had some pretty major setbacks. In 7th grade, I had not one, but two major knee surgery in less then a year! Both of which I incurred through playing basketball. I had a third knee surgery my freshman year during – you guessed it – basketball. After all those, I thought would never get hurt again. My junior year I got hit in the face by a line drive (Fast-moving baseball). I missed about three months of school!! I got to play baseball after that injury, but that came to an end because I dislocated my shoulder half way through the season. This year, I hope to stay healthy and play basketball and baseball.

One of my hobbies is coaching baseball with my dad. I’ve coached with my dad since I was 14 and I love it. Another one is photography. Photography is my favorite hobby, and I hope to bring some great photos to this yearbook. Well now you know a little bit about me. Hope you enjoyed… The yearbook won’t disappoint!