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FFA Ice Cream Social Annual Meeting

For many years FFA has been the most prominent organization on campus. If you’re already enrolled in an agricultural class you are already a FFA member. This organization helps many students get out of their comfort zone, making them into better and more outstanding student leaders for new members (freshman) becoming involved in agriculture. FFA opens the door for many events and trips that students have the chance to experience. For example you could raise an animal for the Santa Barbara County Fair. You get to met other students that are in FFA across the state by attending conferences such as those for judging competitions.  Being part of a judging team like the dairy team, the horse judging team, or the floral jugging team is a great experience. Not only do you form new connections with your teammates, you could qualify to represent state and even national FFA Judging teams.

FFA held their first meeting of the 2017-18 school year on the last Friday of August. The ice cream social was meant to introduce new FFA members to the environment, officers and procedures of the organization. It is also a way for the students to introduce themselves to other members and socialize. The meeting officially began after all the students and officers recited the FFA pledge. Around 3:30, the president introduced herself and her fellow officers. The officers talked about the importance of what they symbolize. The president Adriana Arias began to talk about what FFA is and what was going to happen later in the meeting. She then handed the microphone to the secretary, Samantha, to give a briefing on the money raised during the Santa Barbara County fair, and the current balance of the FFA account. Next came the games.

The first game was called “DeBo Says” , which entailed the same workings as Simon Says only with a different host. Unfortunately Mr. DeBernardi, Debo, was not able to make it so Miss. Dunlab hosted it. Commands such as “Debo says introduce yourself to someone you haven’t met before” and “Debo says give hugs to as many students you can” created a fun way for the members to mingle. The next game required volunteers, two boys and two girls. One of the girls happened to be yours truly, Damaris. The game turned out to be a contest of who could eat a bowl of ice cream faster without getting a brain freeze. One person held the bowl of ice cream for their teammate and the other eating the ice cream had their hands locked behind their back. They began the competition with the guys in the lead and their team soon declared that they had “finished first”. However when they showed their bowl to the President, she judged it to not be completely empty. Since the ice eater had touched the bowl to show it to the President they were technically disqualified. A vote was taken from the audience anyway and the majority voted for the boys’ team. 

The next game that was introduced required making a circle with a FFA officer and about ten other people. We also played the game of concentration where we pick a category of anything and we couldn’t repeat what another person said. At the end students were dismissed to either get their ice cream or the snow-cone depending on what they wanted and what flavor.  At the end students went to the sign in sheet in order to get their FFA credit.