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Drag Racing

It’s the beginning of the school year again, and what better way is there to starting off the year than joining a club? Nothing, of course! And with the vast variety of clubs to choose from, there is nothing that you could possibly not like! For now, let’s focus on one awesome club that held its first meeting last week.

Our school’s Drag Racing Club, which once won 3rd place in nationals, held its first meeting last week on the 31st of August. For those of you who couldn’t make it there that day and don’t know what it is, Drag Racing is a motor sport that’s sort of like Nascar racing. The main difference between the two is that Drag Racing allows heavy modification of its car parts while Nascar racing does not.

The races are usually two-car, straightaways in which speed is the most important factor. There are, however, races like those in Nascar racing, where lots of people get together and race in one huge roundabout. More factors would have to be take into account for these types of races, like handling and traction.

In an interview with Mr. Almaguer, our school’s new advisor for the club, he explained how the club began, saying, “The program started with the Santa Maria Police Department.  [They] contacted Mr. Foster and wanted to start a new type of program on campus that kept kids busy.  So they came up with an automobile program.”  Over the years, the program has evolved into much more than just an after school activity keeping kids out of trouble. “[The program] has developed into a multi-car drag program.  The team started an old dragster, they raced that dragster, got very good at it, won some races.  They’re getting quite acclaimed in that field.”  The drag racing team has seen its fair share of success throughout its campaign, and Mr. Almaguer is determined to keep the fire alive with a new cast of students ready to start their engines.

When asked about the goals set for this year, Mr. Almaguer said “…having the life skills that [the program] provides and enabling [the students] to make advances in their own personal career with their own choices is the goal of the program.” He goes on to explain that the program can provide a good segway into careers delving into the engineering aspects of things.

Being in the club involves a lot of automotive work with a student-team, as they work together to create and experiment with different parts to improve an automobile they’ll use in a race, while also learning about various mathematics and its applications in the production of a dragster. In order to stay in the club, students have to maintain at least a 3.5 or higher GPA.

Before the year races by, be sure to check out the Drag Racing Club, and stay tuned to hear more about what the students have planned.